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Hey there, my name is William Coppa and I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. With over 15 years of experience in the sport of boxing and 5 years of coaching under my belt, I have developed a deep passion for helping my clients achieve their goals in and out of the ring. Additionally, I hold a black belt in Karate, which has helped me to develop a unique approach to training that combines strength, agility, and discipline. A year ago I started the Babson Boxing Class, where I aim to create a supportive community of boxers who are committed to honing their skills and achieving their best


With a wealth of experience and a strong background in the world of boxing, I bring a unique set of credentials to the role of a boxing coach. As a certified USA Boxing coach, I have undergone rigorous training and have obtained the necessary qualifications to guide and mentor aspiring boxers. Additionally, I have achieved the esteemed black belt from Hoteikan Dojo, showcasing my dedication and mastery of martial arts. Throughout my journey, I have honed my skills and knowledge by training at reputable gyms such as Evolution Boxing and Fight Factory Gym. My expertise extends to my role as a Xavier high school boxing coach, where I have had the privilege of coaching talented fighters. Notably, I achieved the honor of winning the “Fight of the Night” award at Xavier Fight Night, a groundbreaking boxing exhibition, which was the first-ever Catholic high school boxing bout in New York City. These achievements reflect my commitment to the sport and my ability to bring out the best in my athletes.

Babson Boxing Class

I am the founder and lead instructor of the Babson Boxing Class, and I take pride in managing and training two other coaches to ensure that our students receive the best possible instruction. Thanks to my efforts, our class has grown by over 90 people, and I create 10+ new workouts and drills every month to keep things fresh and challenging. In addition to teaching boxing skills, I also facilitate instructor meetings to promote collaboration and ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals. I handle general administrative tasks and regularly communicate with upper-level university management to keep our class running smoothly. I am dedicated to fostering a supportive environment where students of all levels can hone their boxing technique, improve their fitness, and reach their goals.


“I am nominating this person and club because not only did this sport help me with my personal goals, it also changed my life. It’s been uplifting to work with other young men and women in wanting more from themselves. Babson Boxing is not just about learning how to fight, it is also about learning how to push your mind to face adversity and persevere. Will Coppa is a true leader in showing up every week and leading the classes to beginners and intermediate fighters. From showing attention and care to everyone that walks into class, to forming a family of exceptional young leaders, he’s made me realize I have what it takes to push any boundary and pick myself up when I get knocked down, literally and figuratively. Much love to this club and its leader. “

— Walter Villa, Student of Babson Boxing Class

“Hey y’all, wanted to give something back and thank you for all of the time you put in this semester. I’m sure I speak on behalf of everyone when I say you’ve been fantastic teachers and I have learned a ton!“

— Finn Sunde, Student of Babson Boxing Class


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